Top 5 Sites For the LGBT Community

sites for LGBT community

eHarmony is a great site for LGBT daters to connect with people based on their values and interests. It also encourages actual conversation instead of sexy winks that never go anywhere.

GLAAD helps to promote awareness about LGBTQ issues by empowering real people to share their stories and empowering the media to be responsible in how they portray them. They also combat homophobia in the medical profession and society by educating the public.

1. BuzzFeed

One-time donations are great, but recurring monthly donations help keep LGBT organizations afloat all year!

BuzzFeed was once a media darling, lauded for creating content that was quick and easy to read. Listicles and quizzes saturated social media feeds.

Many LGBTQ and POC writers and editors worked for BuzzFeed. But the company recently laid off most of its U.S. staff, including its Deputy LGBT Editor and LGBTQ Video Producer.

2. PinkNews

The UK-based site reports news for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. It also interviews politicians, business leaders, and celebrity guests.

It is launching a membership scheme this year as it looks to reduce its reliance on advertising and plug the revenue shortfall triggered by the coronavirus crisis. Its members will be able to choose to see only uplifting stories on their PinkNews app.

3. Autostraddle

Autostraddle is a feminist website for lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women. The site has a subscription model and brings in money from merch and community fundraising.

In a landscape where the internet is increasingly centering cisgender men, Autostraddle’s pointed social commentary, extensive inclusion of trans and genderqueer issues and identities, and self-referential lols feels like a relief. It’s a rare space where lesbians can be all of their messy, delicious selves.

4. Queerty

The fight for LGBT rights doesn’t end with overturning Prop 8. It should include taking a hard look at the many gross inequalities that affect people outside of our community as well.

Queerty and Nissan partnered to create editorial content and a custom video that celebrated LGBTQ members living their truth and pushing for equality. The partnership achieved above benchmark page views and high CTRs.

5. Towleroad

Towleroad is an online clearinghouse of queer news and culture that reports on politics, pop culture, media, and more. The site was founded in 2003 by Andy Towle, editor of Genre magazine during the 2000s. When Towleroad launched, gay rights were far less advanced; marriage equality and open military service seemed like pipe dreams.

As LGBTQ sites have been hammered by layoffs and shutdowns–INTO, 365Gay, and BuzzFeed’s LGBT section were all shuttered this year–Towleroad remains.

6. Outsports

One of the world’s leading online LGBTQ sports publications, Outsports has broken many national stories about athletes coming out. Now owned by Vox Media’s SBNation, it continues to show that locker rooms can be more welcoming than we might think.

Outsports covers issues and personalities in amateur and professional sports. Athletes can tell their life-altering stories in a space that celebrates the power of sport as a universal language.

7. Bay Area Reporter

The Bay Area Reporter is America’s oldest continuously published LGBT newspaper. Since 1971 it has served as a source of news and a community-building tool for the LGBTQ people of San Francisco, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

Its editors have documented the queer world of bars, parades and street fairs; celebrated city milestones; shaped public opinion and inspired activism. Its writers have narrated the full range of emotions, from soaring joy to deep sorrow.

8. Washington Blade

GLAD works to achieve equal rights in the legal system through impact litigation, education and public policy work. Lambda Legal seeks to promote and protect the civil rights of LGBT people and those living with HIV.

The Advocate features stories about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues that are often overlooked by other mainstream publications. Naff says that the paper’s coverage focuses on discriminatory policies and societal challenges long before the national press catches up.

9. The Advocate

Since 1967 The Advocate has challenged conceptions, provoked conversations and propelled the global conversation on LGBT issues. The news magazine is the gay community’s most trusted source of information and culture.

A straight ally is a heterosexual person who supports equal civil rights and gender equality and participates in LGBT social movements. Many LGBT organizations welcome straight members and allies.

10. The Daily Beast

News and opinion website The Daily Beast features fearless reporting on politics, power, and pop culture. It is also known for its narrative reporting, including a story that detailed the years-long plot to rig McDonald’s Monopoly game.

The Daily Beast has been forced to apologize for LGBT-related issues on several occasions, but the company’s systems aren’t always to blame. Many of these problems stem from an over-reliance on algorithms.