An awesome Contact us page helps users reach the organization immediately and makes it easy to contact the business at a glance without wasting minutes. However, an amazing Contact us page often finds a sweet spot between easy-to-reach users and providing users with the tools they need to quickly find out more about an organization. Read on to find out 39 examples of great Contact us pages that will, hopefully, encourage you to take your website to the next level and add a significant amount of value to your business. Don’t put your faith in templates or landing pages. Build a custom Contact us page with real people instead and watch your sales increase! Below are some of the most compelling Contact us page examples, along with a description of the page and what it is used for:

Shopify A great example of a powerful Contact us page includes Shopify’s free “Help Center”. This help center allows customers to ask questions about Shopify products, sign up for free trials and request a refund. The help center also offers up-to-date tips, tricks and tutorials that will help new and existing customers maximize their experience. If more customers took advantage of the free “Help Center” offered by Shopify, the company would see an increased number of sign ups for its free trials.

Facebook A very useful Contact us page is the one featured in Facebook. Like the help center offered by Shopify, Facebook lets users ask questions about products and/or sign up for a free trial. In addition to having contact options, Facebook lets users put a “contact us” button right above the Facebook buttons for many different functions. In this way, a Facebook user can add a contact option directly to a Facebook page for all of the functions to take place simultaneously – a good example of how combining features can help users get the most out of both features.