Top 5 Sites For the LGBT Community

eharmony offers a slew of features to help you find a long-term match. Its patented algorithm uses personality tests to connect you with the right person. You can try it out for free. Towleroad describes itself as “news with homosexual tendencies.” This site covers science and nature stories, entertainment and politics, gay male culture, and… Continue reading Top 5 Sites For the LGBT Community

Find Men With Gay Radar

People use gaydar — a sort of sixth sense that allows them to intuit someone’s sexual orientation based on their appearance, dress or way they walk. But research is robbing gaydar of its mystique, proving that the best way to tell someone’s orientation is just to ask them. The popular location-based dating app Grindr also… Continue reading Find Men With Gay Radar

Gay Hookup Map Review

The variety of LGBT platforms for sex is staggering. There are escort listings sites, apps for friends with benefits, and BDSM social networks. There are even specialized websites that offer kinks and niche preferences. Diversity of age and socio-economic status was reflected in many community maps. For example, one participant drew an Internet-connected network of… Continue reading Gay Hookup Map Review

Gay Escorts

Gay escorts are men who offer companionship and sexual services for a fee. They typically advertise their services online and may work independently or through an agency. While gigolo roles get most of the attention, there is a growing demand for male escorts. Many escorts are self-employed and operate in London, which offers busy business… Continue reading Gay Escorts

Sites For LGBT Community

Sites for LGBT community cover a variety of topics. They include news and opinion, sports, and activism. They also provide support and services for LGBT people. Some examples of these sites are PFLAG, Outsports, and TransEquality. PinkNews offers a wide range of world news through a rainbow lens. It covers politics, education, entertainment, and religion.… Continue reading Sites For LGBT Community

Find Men With Gay Radar

Gay people have long had cues they use to tell whether another person is one of their own (also known as “gaydar”). These often involve secret slang or devised codes. Gaydar is thought to be triggered by physical appearance, such as dress and voice; interactions; and even an energy exchange. However, most studies of gaydar… Continue reading Find Men With Gay Radar

Gay Hookup Map

Whether you are a busy guy looking for quickies or a sensitive one seeking BFE sessions, there is a site for you. You just need to find the right one that matches your kinks and expectations. A new hookup website aims to reclaim the thrills of cruising from the prudish Grindrs of the app store.… Continue reading Gay Hookup Map

Gay Escorts – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Gay escorts have a difficult job. They deal with negative stereotypes, as well as the stigma attached to sex work in general. They often advertise in gay magazines and on m4m message boards. They must know how to price themselves, offer multiple services and be flexible about their fetishes. Boyfriend Experience When Hurant launched Rentboy… Continue reading Gay Escorts – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Find Men With Gay Radar

Whether you’re gay, bi or straight, chances are you have some sort of “gaydar.” Gaydar is the intuition you get about someone based on their appearance, body language and other cues. Gaydar has been the subject of scientific controversy. Some researchers say it’s real while others claim that it’s a myth. 1. AllMale With a… Continue reading Find Men With Gay Radar