Find Men With Gay Radar

Find Men With Gay Radar

Find men for chat, dating, friends or careless fun in a snap, based on geolocation. Meet like-minded gay guys & connect with them worldwide.

In studies, some people have been shown to have a sixth sense for discerning homosexuality — called “gaydar.”

But even if this spotting equipment leans towards accuracy, it isn’t foolproof.

1. Look for a guy with similar interests

Gaydar — the purported ability to tell whether someone is gay based on subtle cues like body language and facial expressions — has gotten a lot of press lately. But a new study suggests that it’s not only inaccurate, but it may also be harmful.

For one thing, the studies that show people can accurately predict sexual orientation use a pool of people who are 50 percent likely to be gay. But in the real world, only 3 to 8 percent of adults identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Another problem is that people often lean on stereotypes when using gaydar, says Cox. For example, gay men are believed to be more likely than straight men to give off a certain “gay” signal, the nod, which is a quick upward motion of the head that translates as “what’s up?” The truth is that this gesture has nothing to do with sexual orientation, and most guys do it when they meet someone they like.

2. Look for a guy with a similar body type

Many scientific studies have claimed to demonstrate the existence of gaydar, which is people’s ability to infer sexual orientation based on visual cues. These include clothing, body language, walking styles and overt rejection of traditional gender roles.

However, these studies are flawed and overstate the accuracy of gaydar. In actuality, most of the time, if someone seems gay to you, they’re likely straight. Even if they’re dressed in masculine clothing, talk in a feminine voice and act in stereotypically male ways.

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3. Look for a guy with a similar appearance

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Research has shown that people can detect sexual orientation from a variety of cues, including speech and body language. While some of these cues are based on stereotypes, such as the assumption that gay men have a lisp, most researchers agree that it is possible to detect sexual orientation from these non-verbal signals.

4. Look for a guy with a similar personality

Gaydar is the intuition some people have about the sexual orientation of others based on minimal information. Studies have found that people can detect sexual orientation from action cues, such as how someone moves and their facial expressions. They also can tell whether someone is a man or woman by hearing their voice, and even recognize homosexuality from photos displayed on a screen for just a few seconds.

People can also recognize sexual orientation from nonverbal cues, such as how a person dresses or grooms themselves. Other clues include a person’s occupation and their body language, such as overt rejection of gender stereotypes or a preference for masculine clothing.

However, these factors don’t always correlate with a person’s sexual orientation. For example, people often believe that gay men lisp when they talk, but this isn’t true. Also, a person’s sexual orientation can be hidden from observers. For this reason, it is important to use gaydar with a grain of salt.