Websites and Resources For the LGBT Community

sites for LGBT community

If you’re looking for news, events, and more from the LGBT community, you’ve come to the right place. Founded in 1969, BuzzFeed has a strong LGBTQ section and a dedicated page on its website. It may not have an official LGBT section, but it has a large and loyal following. If you’re a member, you’ll be able to find the news you need and stay up to date on trends.

The Washington Blade is one of the oldest LGBT news sources in the country. It started out as a one-page newsletter that survived bankruptcy and has since evolved into an online and print publication. You can find everything from LGBT politics and sports to pop culture and science. Whether you’re searching for local LGBTQ events, or you’re curious about what’s going on around the world, you’ll find it here. And, it’s free!

While some gay communities don’t see themselves as members of the LGBT community, there are a number of people who identify as LGBT and want to support the community. In addition to social networking, there are a variety of websites dedicated to LGBT issues. Whether you’re seeking a website to share your story, connect with other LGBT community members, or learn more about the latest news about the LGBT community, you’ll find a resource here.

Safe Place sites are not exclusive to the LGBT community, but they are an outlet of safety for all young people in need. While they are not designated as “LGBT friendly”, Safe Place communities are populated by welcoming providers who truly care about the safety of young people. Safe Place sites accept young people of all identities. Regardless of their sexuality or gender identity, they’re still an invaluable resource. You can find more information about LGBT youth on Safe Place sites by navigating the local LGBTQ community.

Other LGBT support groups include Lambda Legal and GLAAD, which has made a large impact on how LGBs are represented in the media. Other organizations include GLMA, which works to end homophobia and promote quality healthcare for the LGBT community. Lastly, GLSEN, or the Gay and Lesbian Student Union, aims to end bigotry in K-12 schools. Through its growing network of chapters, GLSEN strives to ensure that children are taught respect. In addition, the Gay Parent Magazine and the GEA are national organizations dedicated to advancing the safety and welfare of LGBT parents.

Other organizations for the LGBT community include the Q Card Project, a simple online communication tool that empowers LGBTQ youth and their care providers. Stomp Out Bullying, which serves LGBT youth, is another resource. LGBT youth often face additional challenges in high school. They often experience discrimination and bullying from both their classmates and their teachers. Fortunately, there are a number of LGBT youth support groups available on the web. It is vital to seek out support groups and information for the LGBT youth in your area.

Bullied: This documentary film provides educators, counselors, and school administrators with resources and tips for creating a safe environment for LGBT students. Resources like Advocates for Youth provide lesson plans and tips to educators, and the American Psychological Association offers lesson plans and additional resources to educate the public about the LGBT community. There are also a number of educational materials and guides from GLSEN, a nonprofit organization. The goal is to educate as many people as possible about the LGBT community.