Top 5 Sites For the LGBT Community

BuzzFeed is a great site for the LGBT community that has been around since 1969. Their online community and print magazine have a strong LGBT section. They also have a dedicated page on their website that has a great deal of content. The staff at BuzzFeed is very helpful, and they have a great following. However, they don’t have an official LGBT section, so they’re more of a general resource for LGBT news.

sites for LGBT community

Queerty is a weekly newspaper that focuses on content relevant to the LGBT community. It covers topics ranging from entertainment to HIV/AIDS. The format is easy to skim and it shows how many people have commented on the articles. The content is written by and for the LGBT community, and the site also keeps a log of who is commenting on each article. Although it doesn’t have the widest audience, it is a great resource for the LGBT community.

The Washington Blade is an LGBT news source that has over 100 million users. The Washington Blade is a great place to start conversations with people in your area. Using the hashtag #LGBT+ is a great way to find new friends and start a conversation. You can also search local events and virtual meetups for the LGBT community. There are also several ways to get involved with the LGBT community. They’re often a great way to meet people and share your experiences.

The Washington Blade is a great source for news about the LGBT community. This newspaper is the oldest and most respected LGBT news source in the U.S. The Washington Blade started out as a single-page newsletter and has since grown to a multi-page publication. The Washington Blade also produces a print version of its newspaper and is considered one of the leading sources of LGBT news. There’s something for everyone on Twitter. If you want to connect with an LGBT community member, the Washington Post is definitely worth checking out.

The Washington Blade is one of the oldest LGBT news sources in the U.S., and is one of the most reputable. The Washington Blade was originally a community newsletter that launched in 1967 and was distributed nationally. Today, it’s a print magazine and website that covers a variety of topics for the LGBT community. In addition to their online presence, they also have a print publication that serves as a great alternative for those looking for news about the LGBT community.

Queerty has been around for 50 years, and has a lot to offer the LGBT community. The Washington Blade is the most renowned and oldest LGBT news source in the U.S., and is widely read. Its print publication is also a great place for finding LGBT news. With over 100 million users, Twitter is a popular social media site for the LGBT community. If you want to connect with people in your city, you can find them on the Washington Blade’s website.

Queerty is another excellent site for the LGBT community. Unlike mainstream websites, Queerty focuses on lighter news and political content. This site is easy to browse, with many photos and a grid-like layout. Its homepage shows trending topics that are important to the LGBT community. There’s also an active discussion forum that allows you to share news with other LGBT people. The Washington Blade is a great resource for those seeking information about the LGBT community.

If you’re looking for news about the LGBT community, there are many different sites to choose from. There are also many LGBT community events around the country, so it’s important to check out local events and meetups. Some of these communities have local meetings, and other local events are hosted there. This makes it easy to find people who share similar interests. These social networks are also great for LGBT news. It’s a good way to meet new people.

If you’re looking for news about the LGBT community, you can visit Washington Blade, which is the oldest LGBT news source in the U.S. It’s the oldest newspaper for the LGBT community and started as a single-page newsletter in 1969. The publication still provides a wealth of information on a number of different topics for the LGBT population. Whether you’re looking for a friend, or a new love interest, you’ll find it on these sites.


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