Gay Escorts

Male escorts are one of the most common forms of paid sex work in the United States. They’re often found in bars, chat rooms and illegal brothels.

They’re a diverse group, from outcasts who are impoverished and have substance abuse problems to insiders who grew up with the lifestyle and feel it’s an honorable occupation. They perform sex work when they need money or want to experience something different.

Reasons Why Gay Men See Escorts

There are a number of reasons that gay men see escorts. They may be driven by a compulsive need for sex, or they might be experiencing sexual frustration or deprivation.

In addition, many gay men who see escorts are doing it because they are struggling to make ends meet. The economic downturn that has hit the country in the past eight years has made it difficult for them to find work.

Some young gay men are also trying to get through school, and escorting is a way to help cover their tuition costs. It’s a good way to make extra money in a short amount of time, and it’s not as risky as prostitution.

Some escorts are working as professionals, and they have professional boundaries. Others are not, and they might be a mess on drugs or living in an illegal situation. In any case, it’s important to ask if patronizing an escort is OK with your personal value system.


For busy, stressed gay men, the convenience of having escorts can be an invaluable source of companionship. For some, this may include an opportunity to have sex in a safe/controlled environment where there is no risk of being exposed to public scrutiny or prosecution.

The internet has also made it easier for sex workers to find clients. The use of chat forums, online chat rooms and GPS-enabled smartphone applications allows gay sex workers to remain anonymous and mobile as they travel from place to place and arrange meet-ups with clients.

For Josh Brandon, a lithe platinum blond with elfin features who lives in a walk-up apartment on a trendy gritty London block, the internet has been a game-changer in his business as a male escort. He now runs an escort web directory, a webcam site, a web sex shop and an adults-only dating site. He writes a blog, tweets and has an eBook out later this year.

Sexual Expression vs. Frustration/Deprivation

Sexual expression and a good time can be found in many a gay man’s life, but for some it can mean frustration, deprivation or even worse, unintended pregnancy. One of the best ways to improve your sex life is to take the time to learn more about your partner, their sex habits and their sensitivities to elicit the kind of sexual satisfaction that piques your interest. The good news is that the vast majority of men will find that sex is more rewarding than they ever thought possible. Fortunately, there are a few reputable resources available to help navigate the pitfalls of the sex life. Hopefully these articles will help you make the most of your sexual opportunities and keep you happy, healthy and sexy for life!


Like sexism and racism, ageism can have negative consequences for your mental health, sense of self, social life, and finances. It can also affect how you interact with others and how your health care system treats you.

In the US, discrimination based on age is illegal, and there are dozens of countries around the world with laws prohibiting it. Unfortunately, ageism is not just a problem for older people; it impacts all age groups.

Ageist stereotypes can cause you to feel isolated and inefficient. They can also make you believe that your best years are behind you.

Ageism can lead to a lot of negative outcomes, including higher death rates and worse health outcomes. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to challenge ageism and improve your overall well-being.